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Handle Board

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  • A Peter Nitz exclusive!


    This is one of the most practical and useful items that we use at the Peter Nitz atelier, and you may have seen Peter use it in some of his tutoials; so we wanted to make it available to you!


    Your tubular handle fits comfortably in the groove so that your edge lays flat and is supported from the underside as you prick holes, crease your edges or flatten down the stitching.


    Size: 25cm x 30cm x 1.7cm


    Material: Birch plywood with rubber feet


    The board has three groove sizes ( 7mm, 11mm, & 14mm) to fit most tubular handle sizes. 


    *Pro tip: Secure a strip of bonded leather along the edge of the groove with tape. Best practice is to punch the holes only partially through the leather and then to use the awl when stitching to punch the hole to the other side. However, if you prefer to punch all the way through with the pricking iron, the addition of the bonded leather will add that layer of protection to your board and can be easily replaced when needed. 

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