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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Peter Nitz Leatherschool? 
Peter Nitz online leather school offers a wide variety of online courses, starting with you the basic leather working skills and techniques and moves up to projects on how to create a wallets, a bags or more. Each tutorial has a trailer showing what to expect from each course.
What are the membership options? 
We offer tutorial bundles as well as the option to buy tutorials individually (except for those tutorials in the Core Techniques bundle). You will have unlimited viewing access for one year. 
What is included in a membership? 
All tutorials that you have purchased have unlimited viewing access. Some of the tutorials also contain printable patterns and additional information in downloadable PDF format. You will also have access to the member forum where you can ask any questions you have regarding the tutorials and chat with other members.
What tools do I need to start with? 
As luxury leather craft is a specialised field you will need some tools unique to leather working. You can find a list of basic tools on the Forum in the thread titled "Beginners Corner”. 
What level of leatherworking is required for the courses?
A basic knowledge of leather is helpful, however you can start as an an absolute beginner. We recommend purchasing the Core Techniques bundle as a beginner and this guide you through all the techniques needed to fully embrace leather craft.
How can I watch the courses?
You can watch the courses online anywhere at any time on any device, as long as you are connected to the internet.
Can I download the videos?
The videos can only be streamed as long as you have a valid membership. Pirated copies are subject to prosecution by law.
How can I pay for tutorials?
You can pay with credit card or PayPal.
Do you offer a free trial period?
No, there is no free trial period offered as access to all tutorials is available immediately upon subscription. You can view the entire first tutorial “Saddlesttiching” on the Peter Nitz YouTube channel as an example as to what the tutorials are like.
How often so you add new tutorials?
We are regularly filming tutorials throughout the year and put them online, available for purchase, as soon as they are filmed/edited. 
Where can I see more of Atelier Peter Nitz?
You can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.
Do you offer private courses?
We do offer private courses in the Atelier in Zurich. If you are interested, please book one here or contact us.
Do you offer one to one online sessions?
We do offer one to one online sessions. If you are interested, please book one here.
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