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33 mins



Splicing is the technique of seamlessly joining pieces of leather together. Whether making a long strap or creating larger panels for lining, splicing is definitely a must have skill to have in leather-crafting.

In this tutorial we will take a look at splicing regular leather as well as exotics. Peter will show you his techniques in how to achieve a nearly invisible joint.

So grab your skiving knife and lets get started!

Tutorial Skills

  1. "Seamlessly" joining leather parts

  2. Joining both strap and large panels

  3. Hand-skiving tips and tricks

  4. Selecting placement for the splice

Meet your instructor

Book Private Leatherworking Lessons with Peter Nitz in Zurich​

In the heart of Zurich, Peter Nitz offers private leatherworking and leather crafting classes at his Atelier studio. Individuals or groups who partake in Peter’s week-long course will gain exclusive access to his luxury leather materials, tools and Atelier workshop. More importantly, they’ll be privy to Peter’s unparalleled leather crafting knowledge, having the opportunity to ask detailed questions while learning a broad range of leather crafting skills and techniques from the master himself. 


At the end of the week, students will leave with a self-made leather good of their choosing.

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