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The world of Leathercrafting by a master of his craft.

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Online Leathercraft Tutorials
Study, Practice and Excel in the art of Leathercraft

Leather School with Peter Nitz: Learn the Art of Leathercraft 

Leathercraft is an art form driven by a passion for exquisite materials and goods.
Guided by master craftsman Peter Nitz, each tutorial covers the detailed workmanship and techniques required to make truly exceptional leather goods.

New tutorials regularly added

The art of leather is always evolving. Drawing from Peter Nitz’s creative process and endless inspiration, his online Leathercraft Tutorials offer all the basics skills needed as well as exciting new projects to spur your own artistic capabilities.


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Peter Nitz Leather School: Learn the art of leather crafting from a master

Leather crafting, just like any other skill, requires not only practice but also the correct techniques upon which to properly build those skills. In this ongoing series of tutorials, Peter Nitz covers all aspects of leather crafting and leatherworking, carefully developing your talents so you can create exquisite bespoke luxury bags and leathergoods of your own. New leather craft masterclass tutorials will be added on a regular basis, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

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Leathercraft Tools & Supplies

Shop for Peter Nitz tools, Riri zippers, Meisi threads, and more! Everything you need to perfect your craft. 

Private Training with Peter


Private training at the Atelier in Zurich with Peter Nitz

Tucked away in a loft in Zurich oldtown, sits Peters private atelier and studio. Here you can take private lessons or participate in group courses, either as a complete beginner or experienced craftsman.

What members are saying

Anton S.

I'm not a novice in leathercraft, knew few tips before Peter's tutorials, but if you want to learn and improve your skill to highest level, you cannot find better way. Everything - from quality of video to way Peter teach you - is such a quality and consistent content that you don't have a choice but to improve yours goods again and again.

Nathaniel M.

If you’re interested in learning the art and craft of leather work, Peter Nitz is the go to guy for the job. He’s created a fantastic online tutorial service that walks students of all experience levels through the specific details of fine leather work. I cannot speak highly enough of the level of care and support Peter provides his students. 5 stars all the way!